CAHN’s Diabetes Case Management Newsletter – Winter 2014

posted: February 18, 2014

Winter is here and what a Winter it has been so far! Cold temperatures, snow and other wintery weather has come to pay us a visit. This is a very difficult time for most people to enjoy outside activities and remain active. The winter weather should not be an excuse to dismiss your exercise plan however. If you are not able to go outside for a walk, you can still get the aerobic exercise that your body needs while staying warm inside. Put on an exercise video, play an interactive video game with your children, dance to your favorite music or use that exercise equipment in the garage. The key is to KEEP MOVING!!

*Remember, CAHN offers comprehensive diabetes education classes that include nutritional training and exercise. These classes are offered year round and are a great way to maintain your diabetes exercise and management plan.
The Diabetes Educators/Nurse Case Managers at CAHN’s Vernon J. Harris Medical Center are here to serve you! We continue to offer comprehensive diabetes education and group sessions as well as assistance with obtaining diabetes supplies and medications. If you are an established patient and it has been a while since you have seen your Diabetes Case Manager/Educator or if you are a new patient, we would love the opportunity to assist you in meeting your diabetes goals!! CAHN’s goal is to provide you with the very best in Diabetes Education and Management services.

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