September – Prostate Cancer Awareness Month

posted: September 12, 2016

Prostate cancer can be scary. Nearly 1 in 7 men are diagnosed with the disease each year and nearly 30,000 will die. But thanks to decades of innovative research, the five- and ten-year survival rates for prostate cancer are nearly 100% when an early diagnosis is given.

That’s why it’s so important for men to learn about the disease and get screened regularly. Prostate Cancer Awareness Month is a time to focus on learning as much as we can about the disease. It’s also an opportunity to build healthy habits and eliminate unhealthy risk factors like smoking.

Prevention and treatment start with awareness. If you have questions about prostate cancer, want to know whether or not you’re at risk, and need steps you can take to lower your risk, call our free 24/7 nurse advice hotline to speak with a Registered Nurse any day, anytime. Or speak to a doctor in person by scheduling an appointment today.