2809 North Avenue, Richmond, VA 23222

Greater Fulton Medical Center

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Greater Fulton Medical Center
Welcome to Greater Fulton Medical Center!
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1718 Williamsburg Rd
Richmond ,VA 23223

Monday-Friday 8am-5pm

In its heyday, Fulton was known as the epicenter for African Americans in Richmond’s Far East End. Historic Fulton, as it is known today, had many African American owned grocery stores, department stores, a library, and many other amenities found in any small city suburb. It even had medical practices, although segregated. The community thrived for many years until the early 1970s brought floods from the James River which nearly wiped out Historic Fulton. In fact, nearly all the residents were given relocation funding to help them move away from Fulton. Following that exodus, many of the amenities found in Fulton also disappeared and the once vibrant Fulton community was demolished. Now, several years later, many of the Historic Fulton residents want to bring back the community their parents built and that many of them enjoyed as youth and adults. This included a community once again being anchored with a medical home for its residents. Hence, the Greater Fulton Community Medical Center was born out of this desire to bring back medical resources near where the current residents live, work, and play. (Greater Fulton Community is comprised of Historic Fulton, Fulton Hill, and the adjacent community of Montrose Heights.) Indeed, the Greater Fulton Community Medical Center has reinvigorated the vibrancy Historic Fulton and surrounding communities need to keep their bodies, minds, and souls healthy as they look to the future.

Fulton: Family Medicine, Pediatrics

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our agency has expanded and has added services to
better serve your needs.
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Your providers at this location are:

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Directions to Greater Fulton Medical Center

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